Randi Picarello

Operations & Workforce Development Consultant

We are committed to partnering with small businesses to identify and implement innovative operations and workforce strategies that maximize your potential.

Streamline your success, Empower your workforce, Elevate your business and Unleash your potential with ETB Solutions. 

What Are You Struggling With?

We can help with workforce development, onboarding, job descriptions, training/retraining, and much more.

Staying Organized

We'll create a standard operating process that will keep you and staff productive.

Time Management

Time is money, and we create processes that keep meetings, staff and operations flowing.

Business Goals

We help create realistic goals you can accomplish easily with measurable results.


We are your accountability consultant, which means that you'll stay focused.

Gain Control of Your Business and Create the Blueprint You Need to Succeed!

Whether you need an Operations or workforce development strategy like integrating with local school districts to identify candidates at a young age, or creating credit programs for working within the industry or community and early education in the industry through auditing, workshops, job fairs, I’ve helped local communities and can help you too.

Randi Picarello

Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Our services will help reduce the stress of running a chaotic business.


Support Operations Change

No one likes change, so we create a frictionless plan that helps integrate your business culture.


Gain Employee Confidence

Your confidence and how people see you in your industry is key to better business results. 

Find Your New Business Narrative